Stop Rhino Poaching

We at “Journey’s Inn Africa Guest Lodge”, an overnight accommodation establishment situated near O R Tambo International Airport in Glen Marias, Kempton Park – Johannesburg, pledge to donate R25.00 per person per night to “Stop Rhino Poaching” for each and every client / guest  that books their accommodation directly through our / this website and that obviously pays in full for this service.

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Rhino Poaching Stats:

2008: 83 Rhino Poached

2009: 122 Rhino Poached

2010: 333 Rhino Poached

2011: 448 Rhino Poached

2012: 668 Rhino Poached

2013: 1004 Rhino Poached

2014: 1215 Rhino Poached

2015: 1175 Rhino Poached

2016: 1054 Rhino Poached

2017: 1028 Rhino Poached

2018: 508 Rhino Poached

The amount of rhinos poached in South Africa is growing every year. 2014 showed 1215 rhino poached, that is more than 3 rhinos per day.

South Africa is at the center point of the poaching war, as it is home to over 90% of the world’s rhino population.

Anti-poaching organizations and task forces are constantly hard at work trying to fight against these poachers but it is a battle that they are losing. Many of the poachers enter South Africa from neighboring Mozambique as they are tempted by quick money from rhino poaching syndicates.

The rhino horn is used in Asia as a traditional medicine and the price of these horns can fetch up to US $65 000 per kilogram. This makes rhino horn more valuable than gold.

Close to 4000 rhinos have been poached since 2008. With this number increasing every day, the future of rhinos in South Africa is uncertain and they may face extinction.

 How “Stop Rhino Poaching” use donations to fight rhino poaching:

Purchasing and / or funding of the following:

  • Camera traps
  • Cell comms boosters for game reserves
  • Funding towards Kruger Special Projects
  • Ranger Backpacks
  • Apprehension equipment
  • Dog refresher courses
  • DNA swabbing kits
  • Tourniquets for Rangers
  • Perimeter security
  • Camo balaklavas
  • Specialized forensics tools
  • Trauma Packs
  • Trauma Med training for rangers
  • Reserve security
  • Special investigations
  • Post mortem knives
  • Dermagrip examination gloves
  • Radio and CCTV repairs
  • GPS’s and Radio Software
  • Rhino tracking dogs

The above mentioned is only some of the causes that “Stop Rhino Poaching” is using donations for to help fight against rhino poaching.

The photo below was the Mascot of Stop Rhino Poaching. Sadly he also fell victim to poaching on 22 July 2013.

Mascot Rhino

The are only around 18 900 white rhinos and 2 040 black rhinos left in South Africa. Help us to put an end to this brutal killing of our Rhinos.

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